My Town

This is a gallery devoted to the uniqueness of Carpinteria. It is a collection of the little details that make this sleepy little hamlet by the sea so special. My methodology is to take pictures or videos as I stumble across the subjects. Sometimes I don’t have my camera with me, so I have to go back. But, the gallery is more about being in the moment than taking a good picture … as you soon will see.



Travel is my thing. I love planning a trip almost as much as I love taking one. I travel when I can and as often as I can. Being on the road is one of my favorite things.

These Travelogues are just snippets of a journey. Some fun facts, a way to see something on the cheap, or maybe a discovery that isn’t in the guidebook. (If you’d like me to write an entire Travelogue about specific destination please contact me and we can discuss my hourly rate or per project fee. )

It’s probably no surprise to say I travel on the cheap. Otherwise, I couldn’t afford to go anywhere. I tried my hand at “travel writing,” but it sort of took away the joy of seeing a new place. I’m counting on the Travelogues to fulfill my needs to travel and to write.


Bon Voyage!