M O R E   A M O ... 

This is the section where I’m supposed to blah-blah-blah on my wonderfulness and why you should hire me. I’m going to give us both a break and offer a few facts.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, I taught English abroad and then in the United States. Before college, I attended the kind of schools that drilled grammar and composition, so I was comfortable with language learners needing to know details of the English language, specifically grammar. I can diagram sentences, too! My post-teaching life included writing for newspapers and magazines before striking out on my own. My focus is nonfiction writing, and my specialty is clear and concise copy. (For more specifics, click here.)

While being a writer is a fine way to make a living, I have incorporated teaching and training into my roster of services. I facilitate improv training in workplaces to develop leadership talent, team building, and creative problem solving, among other valuable business skills. I also conduct card-making and journal-making workshops.


On a more personal note, I love travel, animals, olive oil, and tons of other stuff. I’m lucky that way – I’m good natured and usually find my days aren’t long enough to get everything done that I want. Oh, my hidden talent is I am excellent at parallel parking.

My husband Alonzo and I make our home in the Santa Barbara area of Central California.

I’d love to stay in touch. If you feel the same, please join my email list (see the following). I promise to check in with you very occasionally and only when I have something very worthwhile to relay. Thank you.

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